Lucas City Council Adopts 2018-2019 Budget

Lucas City Council Adopts 2018-2019 Budget

Brockdale Road Construction Addressed

September 20, 2018 - After two prior public hearings as prescribed by law, the Lucas City Council adopted the proposed 2018-2019 budget unanimously. While residents were provided with the opportunity to comment on the budget at the meeting, there was no citizen input. This may be because the newly adopted budget reduces property taxes nominally for the city’s next fiscal year.

Once again, the focus of the council’s attention at this meeting instead, involved the town’s road network. This time the road in question is Brockdale Park Road that runs east-west from Lavon Lake and then north to East Lucas Road.

A proposed agreement with Hillwood Development Corporation of Dallas, the developer of a new subdivision along Brockdale Park Road, calls for the repair of the road up to $100,000, to be paid by Hillwood, once 75% of the homes in the subdivision have been sold. While city council staff appeared to endorse the proposal, Mayor Jim Olk expressed concern that if Brockdale Park Road was patched after 75% of the Hillwood development was sold, the time in which the remaining 25% would be completed would likely result in the degradation of the patched road because of heavy construction vehicles using it to complete the project. Instead, the Mayor suggested an agreement in which Hillwood Development Corp. and others, including the City of Lucas, would reconstruct Brockdale Park Road following completion of the subdivision would be more appropriate, with the understanding that Hillwood Development Corp. must patch the road during ongoing construction.  Council members Debbie Fisher, Steve Duke, and Tim Blaney all supported the Mayor’s position. Both Duke and Blaney said their own personal experience in construction projects like this led them to believe the Hillwood Development Corp.’s proposal falls short of a more appropriate fix. While the roadway patch might, at first, appear to be adequate, the reality is that the additional sub-division construction would negate the effectiveness of the interim patches. At the end of the discussion, the council and Fred Balda, VP of Hillwood, agreed that more in-depth planning is required to ensure that Lucas residents are furnished with roads that are safe and durable. The proposal advanced by Hillwood was set aside pending additional discussion and negotiation with City staff.

City of Lucas Budget Fiscal Year 2018-19


The general fund budget for next year totals $5.6 million:


Fire & Emergency Medical Services               $2,246,971           40.1%

Public Works & Engineering                            $1,206,416           21.5%

City Operations & Management                      $1,137,729           20.3%

Development Services                                        $   420,669             7.5%

Law Enforcement                                                $   300,000             5.4%

Parks                                                                      $   287,840             5.1%

                                                                                $5,599,625           100%


The capital fund budget for next year totals $8.9 million consisting of the following projects:


Elevated Water Tower                                                        $2,777,240

Blondy Jhune/Western Bridge to Winningkoff             $2,584,685

Stinson Road/Parker to Bristol Park                                $2,002,090

Winningkoff Road Reverse Curve to Snider Lane       $1,184,150

Country Club/Estate Parkway Intersection                     $   267,300

Year 3 of Water Meter Replacement                               $   130,000



The debt service fund budget for next year totals $1.2 million consisting of the following principal and interest amounts:


2007 Certificates of Obligation                                        $   124,638

2007 General Obligation Bond                                         $   245,550

2011 Certificates of Obligation                                        $   249,625

2015 Certificates of Obligation                                        $   161,850

2017 Certificates of Obligation                                        $   390,725          



The water fund budget for next year totals $4.6 million consisting of the following:


Water Costs NTMWD                                                        $1,954,915

Water Operating                                                                  $1,363,875

Debt Service for Utilities                                                    $   637,919

Trash Services                                                                      $   510,000

Engineering Costs                                                               $   148,870



Information provided by City of Lucas City Manager Joni Clarke

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