Lucas Announces Upcoming Community Activities

Lucas Announces Upcoming Community Activities

At its January 17, 2019 meeting, the Lucas City Council announced several important community functions that will take place between January and May that include:

January 31 : Fine Arts Display at City Hall between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Councilmember Debbie Fisher noted that she has previewed much of the art and she says, “You must come to see some really outstanding art produced by some very talented Lucas residents.”

February 15:   The deadline for those who wish to file for election to the City Council. Elections take place May 4 and packets for candidates can be secured at City Hall. The filing deadline is February 15.

February 19 :  Lucas will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its incorporation as a city. Ceremonies take place at City Hall between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm including the loading of a time capsule. Residents are encouraged to submit items that may be appropriate for the time capsule. Plans call for the capsule to be opened on the 100th Anniversary of the city’s incorporation in 2059.

April 6:  Lucas Trash Off will take place at City Park. The day will be dedicated to a citywide clean-up of trash.

May 11 : Annual Founder’s Day celebration with games, refreshments and face-painting.

In regular business before the Council, there was lengthy consideration to authorize the City

Manager to negotiate and enter into an agreement with Lakes Engineering for the project

management services of four roadway and waterway projects in the amount not to exceed

$699,450.  A motion was made and adopted to move forward with the projects.


City Manager Joni Clarke briefed the Council on the results of a recent compensation market

study of town employees’ salaries. Clarke shared that the study reveals that many employees

salaries are as much as ten percent below prevailing salaries for cities considered to be within

Lucas’ competitive set. Clarke noted that while salary is not generally considered a motivating

factor, it can drive employees to other employment if they believe they are not fairly



Several Council members spoke in favor of adjusting salaries appropriately. Clarke said that the

total annual salary cost would be about $85,000 but that if the Council approved the

increase to retain valued employees, the impact in the current year would be substantially less

than that. A motion was made and adopted to approve the salary adjustments.

City Manager Clarke next shared a draft of a new communications policy that addresses how

and when staff and councilmembers should respond to inquiries from residents and others. The

revisions to the plan offered by Clarke are designed she added, “To provide further definition

and clarity to our current policy.” It was decided to use a “within one business day” guideline

within which to respond and that all communications issued by members of the Council should

copy the City Manager and Mayor. The policy was approved.


The next meeting of the Lucas City Council takes place on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 7:00 pm at

Lucas City Hall.


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